Records of the Orders

“Change may be daunting, and sameness may be comfortable, but one is the path to evolution, and the other is the cliff to stagnation and decay.”

Records of the Orders is a gritty, dark philosophical fantasy series following a group of eldritch alchemists in a universe of ancient mysteries. Led by The Rector, these endless beings will do anything to learn the secrets of alchemy—whether it implies toppling entire civilisations or destroying realms. The time has come to redefine The Orders of Alchemists. The genesis of change has begun.

This universe includes both books and books-with-choices. Regular books are often found in Amazon (ebook and paperback) while audiobooks are in all major platforms. Books-with-choices can be read through the free app Unearthed Stories. Links are inside the page of each individual release. Generally, you can skip the books-with-choices, but reading them is recommended.



Records of the Orders [Interactive]