The Genesis of Change

Records of the Orders, Book 0.5

The Genesis of Change

Élan; the chaos-tamer, the record-breaker. Verve; the one behind the rise and fall of thousands of civilisations. Two alchemists, each sent on a mission by the leader of The Orders—The Rector.

Élan must shatter their mentee’s humanity to train her as an alchemist, while Verve must define the unexplainable existing within a respected healer. When their missions reveal clues that could reformulate alchemy, they’ll edge closer to fathom The Rector’s goal while facing an endless conundrum—to remain as is, or to learn and adapt.

The genesis of change is near.

To any alchemist, the pursuit of knowledge is the most enthralling crusade upon which to embark. The only worthy quest for an endless existence.


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About The Genesis of Change

This is a prequel novella set in the universe Records of the Orders. As such, it introduces the magic system (in this case, alchemy), The Orders of Alchemists, and some of the main characters. It happens immediately before the events in Mien, my interactive novel, and thus has some references to the latter; however, you don’t need to read The Genesis of Change before diving into Mien… although reading it will give you some additional insight (especially considering everything that Mien, the character, ignores).

Overall, The Genesis of Change is a great overview of what’s to come in this series–and I have a lot of plans for it!

Some Reviews

Here are some reviews by other authors and reviewing platforms:

"Elliot shatters conventions and expectations; this dark philosophical fantasy very aptly feels like it could be the genesis of change for the fantasy genre."

Esmay Rosalyne

Before We Go Blog

"The Genesis of Change [is] a breathtaking work that paints its setting in your mind with permanent ink. Elliot's intellect is awe inspiring and her writing here is a force to be reckoned with."

Karl Forshaw

author, Renia

"The Genesis of Change captures the challenges and strengths of humanity, weaving a story through elegant prose, philosophical consideration, and a rich, vivid fantasy world where the divine can touch the imperfect, and teach them what they truly are."

"A dark fantasy novella that does a deep dive into philosophical themes, creating a mind-breaking experience, an experimental read that invites to think and reflect while following the story."