Drifting Tavern

Interactive Fiction

Drifting Tavern

Interactive Fiction. A slice-of-life, cozy low-stakes secondary-world fantasy for young adults and those seeking a light reading. Published in Unearthed Stories.

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On the floating city-queendom of Grah’rel, the Drifting Tavern hovers gloriously above the Misty Sea, receiving customers from around the world of Dely’rae. I arrived as an apprentice bartender, seeking a new beginning and the mighty power of Glyphs—because Grah’rel never rests. Who comes today? Winged knights or a magician? A troublesome couple or lousy mercenaries? This is a lighthearted, cozy slice-of-life story with low stakes.

About the world… Grah’rel is an old city-state founded long ago. Back then, a few cruisers and vessels anchored on the Misty Sea and connected each other with planks and wooden ladders. […] Our smithies leveraged the Major Runes, challenging wind and sea to raise the cruisers into the clouds and earn more space. They created portals to move Up and Down, allowing our cruisers to grow, some developing towers because sinking was no longer a threat. The Drifting Tavern is one of those many cruisers. It hovers above Grah’rel’s main lake, its large windows constantly flaring with the inside’s torchlight and merriment. I came here seeking a change of pace, a new beginning… because Grah’rel never rests.