Records of the Orders [Interactive]


Interactive Fiction. A political-philosophical grimdark fantasy for adult readers following an untried alchemist as they attempt to understand the root of Strezia’s political issues. About 116.5k words. Published in Unearthed Stories. Warnings: Blog/Gore, Violence.

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Strezia is ruled by The Challenge—an objective system measuring the Nobles’ performance. After years of struggles, they request political assistance from The Orders, who send Mien, an untried alchemist from a cohort known as Chimeras. Can Strezia be helped, or is it doomed by its corruption? What looms in Mien’s past? Whatever happens, at the end of Mien’s investigation, they will decide Strezia’s fate. Ravage to restart, or rattle the roots to reforge? This is a morally-grey, political-philosophical story set in a fantasy world where the unescapable biases of perception taint all decisions and memories.

A particularity of this story is its two distinctive paths of action: Revenge and Faker, and the more Mien pursues these paths, the more the ending diverges. Content warnings are down below the page.

Are you wondering about the reading experience? In the below video, you can hear me (Livia!) narrate the first half of the first chapter. I’m not a professional narrator, but I tried my best!

“Existence is always about making a single choice and wrestling the consequences into a somewhat acceptable outcome.” – The Rector.

Content Warnings: Mien is a morally grey character. Therefore, the choices you will be offered fall within that spectrum (from light to dark grey, if you wish); players are not be able to play Mien’s character as a ‘knight in shining armour’. In this story, a player WILL find passing mentions of past suicides, war and hostage situations; more detailed descriptions of death (adults and children), blood, poverty, popular mobs, desertion, invasions. A player WILL NOT find sexual abuse or racism of any kind. Reader’s discretion is advised.

“Violence as the conduit of change; conflict as the path when social apathy and conformism have led to political decay.” – Mien