Potions Shoppe

Cozy Fantasy [Interactive]

Potions Shoppe

Interactive Fiction. A slice-of-life, cozy low-stakes secondary-world fantasy for young adults and those seeking a light reading. Published in Unearthed Stories.

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My Potions’ Shoppe is the most famous store in the Dwarven city of Le’henah. Alongside Gallia, my fae assistant, we receive daily customers from all around the world of Dely’rae. They come seeking potions and charms, hoping to solve a mystery, or break a curse to be free again. What challenges will we face today? A genie? An unbreakable locket? A fae invasion? This is a lighthearted, cozy slice-of-life story with low stakes.

About the world… Le’henah is the most famous Dwarven city in the world of Dely’rae, positioned on the continent Nur of the Misty Sea. […] Yet regardless of how illustrious this place is, even the keenest beings are bound to cross a fae, unlock a cursed treasure, find themselves undead, or even require a potion for less distinguished reasons. I’m here to help. My Potion’s Shoppe is always open, and its fame as the most useful, versatile store in Le’henah is the pure truth.