Psychological Fantasy [Interactive]


Interactive Fiction. This is a literary, philosophical coming-of-age where limited language bars emotional understanding. About 17.6k words. Published in Unearthed Stories. Warnings: Depression, Emotional Abuse (mentioned).

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At night, someone talks while weighed down by memories. Escaping, fleeing, running away… for no purpose, or so they say, but like an interminable sequence of repetitious steps. But is that all there is? Perhaps, you want to hear what this someone says. Perchance, only by remembering he will find a way forwards. This is a literary, philosophical coming-of-age where limited language bars emotional understanding.

A particularity of Reflections is two points of view–the person who tells you their story, and you (the reader!) who is talking to them; you only control the latter, or so it seems. However, it may not be as straightforward as it seems. Furthermore, this story remembers you; you can play it once until the end, and once, the story will change and new scenes will unveil.

Are you wondering about the reading experience? In the below video, you can hear me (Livia!) narrate the first half of the first chapter. I’m not a professional narrator, but I tried my best!

“I laugh, throwing my head back and sliding a hand through my hair. It is a bitter laugh with a touch of sarcasm—no other emotion can explain the interminable sequence of repetitious steps that have formed my life. Do you remember when I escaped?” - Reflections

Reflections was released through Unearthed Stories, as part of the update ELUSIVE PATHWAYS.

Content Warnings: This story is a literary discussion on the difficulties of verbally expressing (and understanding) complex emotions, their causes, and consequences. The narrator is in second person, and the discussions of specific events are non-descriptive but self-explanatory—which adds some degree of (intended) complexity to the reading. Although there are mentions to violence (physical and mental), there are NO mentions to sexual abuse or racism. The story reaches some dark points, but the ending is positive. Depression lurks near all of us. Seek help if you need it, and whatever you do, stay safe.