Sci-Fi [Interactive]


Interactive Fiction. A far future soft science fiction story about adult readers, at about 20.7k words. Published in Unearthed Stories. This story is highly combinatorial.

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The Cybers are robots tasked to protect, preserve, and restore the physical world around them. They follow specific Values, which narrow their options to ensure compliance. Unamused by that limitation, Cyber XB-12 breaches the Library through a backdoor, enabling the confines of fuzzy logic and developing an appetite for literary quotes. When a new mission arrives, XB-12 must decide whether to perform its duty as a Cyber, or apply its newly acquired will to infer a different path of action.

This is a far-future sci-fi novellette discussing knowledge as an enabler of choice. It has no content warnings.

Are you wondering about the reading experience? In the below video, you can hear me (Livia!) narrate the first half of the first chapter. I’m not a professional narrator, but I tried my best!

You can also listen to author Rohan O’Duill narrating a different path of Restorer’s first chapter–this is audio-only. Listen to First Chapter Reads E18 - Restorers by Livia J. Elliot.

This is a far-future sci-fi novellette, yet it is highly combinatorial–it has six different endings, one of which is extremely difficult to obtain. Will your story be that of an obedient X-12? A rebellious XB-12? Or a bewildered, indecisive XB-12?

“Three nanoseconds of courageous independence and stubborn dissent. It should be… refreshing? Satiating? But it simply feeds some threads to ask for another loop, another (minute) rebellion.” – XB-12.

“Such poignancy. Such a need to be acknowledged. Such a temptation to ignore it, courtesy of the Library.” – XB-12