Books Undone: A Podcast

Livia's podcast, to deconstruct and analyse books.

Books Undone: A Podcast

Some books are more than a simple story. They hide timeless themes and allegories full of meaning that are always worth discussing—but doing so requires dedication and keen eye for details. Join Australia-based author Livia J. Elliot as she deep-dives into the themework present on different pieces of speculative fiction to find what lays beyond the plot, decipher their invisible meaning, and reflect on their symbolism. If you are a fan of fantasy or sci-fi books, new or old, traditional or self-published, this is the show for you!

Be mindful. Books Undone contains spoilers for the books discussed, which vary in each episode.

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Books Undone was nominated as Best Book Media (Podcast & Blog) and Book Podcast I Always Catch Up On for the Indieverse Awards 2024.