Herald's Narration!!

When I wrote Herald and its gentlecat protogonist, Meowise, I always imagined him with a very specific voice… which, to no one’s suprise, is the voice I imagine my own cat has. That ended up biasing how I wrote the protagonist and how I read him in my mind. I don’t know why, I imagined him with a refined British accent, a very bassy voice, and the pedantic, kingly mannerisms only a cat overlord can achieve.

You may not know it, but I have been narrating the opening scenes of my interactive fiction… but I couldn’t replicate that voice, since Meowise is male and I truly have no voice training add that to the neverending list of things I wish to learn.

So, I went to PageChewing (a forum I’m on; yes, forums do still exist) and I asked for any volunteers to try to voice Meowise. Apparently, the possibility of voicing my pedantic gentlecat working as a spy was quite welcomed, and I got two offers I couldn’t deny–so now, you can listen to both!

First of all, let me present the version by Jarrod from The Fantasy Thinker.

We recorded this one together, and thank goodness I was on mute because I just kept laughing. Jarrod just nailed Meowise’s purrfection, which resulted in a pawsome recording that, whenever I listen to, I end up contorting in laughter.

Then, we also have Tony (aka Mr Selfy) from Horrorable also did a narration (it has a different path/choices) and he managed to get all the kingly sass only Meowise is capable of!

Honestly, I couldn’t be more happy, this is just purrfect!! By the way, you can read/play Herald on Unearthed Stories either in an Android device or in an iPhone/iPad.